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The PlanMinder Online

What is The PlanMinder Online?

Access The PlanMinder from a mobile device with a touch friendly user interface; That is what The PlanMinder Online is for. It is a web based user interface that acts as a gateway to your database when you are not able to use the full application.

You can report work and update activity status and estimates. You can see things that needs your attention, and update external tasks, checkpoints, discrete risks and move deadlines. You can see the latest updates, scheduled tasks and ToDo-notes for all developers. The PlanMinder Online does not replace the full application for project planning, but it lets you do the most common tasks while away from keyboard and mouse.

While the Online web pages are made with mobile devices and touch screens in mind, it does not prevent you from using it on a desktop browser.

The PlanMinder on a mobile phone

Table of Contents

Getting started with The PlanMinder Online


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Troubleshooting and technical notes

Getting started with The PlanMinder Online

The short version:

Go to Settings/Users in The PlanMinder, and click the “Copy login link for The PlanMinder Online to the clipboard”. Save and send this link to your device and open it. Login in using the same password as in The PlanMinder.

Copy login link for The PlanMinder Online button location.
The extensive version:

You must first have set up The PlanMinder, with a registered database, and created your projects using The PlanMinder application. On the Registration Tab, you must check the “Enable The PlanMinder Online gateway” checkbox, accepting the User Terms of Service. Changing this after the first registration requires you to enter the registration password.

Another prerequisite is that the database is open for access from the internet and has SSL enabled. If you have created it using the DigitalOcean 1-Click app it will be by default. If you want to set firewall rules to open up specifically for the Online server, contact to get the IP adress the service uses.

To log in with The PlanMinder Online, you must create a login link. On the Settings/Users tab, there is a button for each user to copy the login link to clipboard. This button is only available when the enable checkbox on the registration tab has been checked.

Opening this link in a web browser takes you to the login page. Use the same password as you do in The PlanMinder application.

Save the original link on your device, as it will be needed to reconnect.

Enable The PlanMinder Online checkbox.


In the top right corner is the reload button. Tap this to reload data and make sure you are seeing the latest changes made by any user. When loading data this button will rotate. This will also trigger automatically when you make changes, and on regular intervals. It is a good idea to reload before you start making changes, so that you do not accidentally overwrite someone elses changes.

The second row shows the active menu, and the main menu button. Tap the main menu to show and change active menu.

Main menu.

Report Time

As the most common task, you will start in the Report Time menu. This corresponds to the Report Time tab in The PlanMinder application, but adapted for mobile use.

The view is divided into weeks, days and reports. Each week shows week number, and the sum of committed and uncommitted time. The most recent six weeks are displayed, with the current week on the top.

Expand a week to see the days, with date and summed times. Expanding a day will reveal any time reports made for that day. An expanded day also has two buttons. The (+) button will add a new time report to the day. The right button is a button to commit all reports for that day. Each day of the week is color coded, as in The PlanMinder application, to make it easier to navigate.

Each time report has four fields, time, activity, comment and work type. Tap on a field to enter a value.


The time field works as in The PlanMinder application. You can enter time decimaly, as hours:minutes, or as from – to time periods. You can also make additions or subtractions.


The activity menu first gives you the option to select from a list of scheduled activities, recent activities and favorite activities.

If the activity is not in this list you can open the tree view and find your activity there. If you know the name of the activity you can start typing and get a list of matching names.


The comment text field is a text field where you enter a comment on what work you have done.

Work Type

The default work type for the activity is automatically selected when you change activity. To change it select the appropriate work type in the tree structure.

Main menu.

The time report buttons

A selected time report will display a row of buttons. A work report becomes selected when you interact with it, or when you tap the border of the report.

Timer. The Timer will start a timer for your activity. Tap the button again to stop it. When active the symbol in the top left corner also changes to a timer. That way you can always see that you have a timer active, even if you change menu. Tapping on the top left symbol will take you back to the active timer report. Note that the timer is managed locally. You can not stop the timer from another device.

Billable. The billable button toggles billable status for the report (if enabled in system settings).

Favorite. The favorite button toggles favorite status of the activity. (This does not necessarily mean you like the activity, but rather that you always want to have it on the quick selection list for activities.)

Change Date. The Change Date button lets you move the report to another date.

Information. The Information button will display information about the activity, the project and any activity groups it belongs to. From this menu you are also able to change status of the activity, or update the estimate of remaining time.

Copy Report. The copy button will create a copy of the time report, but with the current date, and the time field set to zero.

Delete. The delete button will delete the time report.

Commit. The Commit will change status of the report to committed. Only committed reports are visible to others and used in calculations. You will still be able to edit the report after it has been committed. The small symbol in the right top corner of the report frame indicates its committed status. Uncommitted reports are summed separately and shown in red so that you do not forget to commit your reports.


The calendar menu shows a calendar with the activities scheduled by The PlanMinder scheduler (the expectancy simulation). This schedule is updated when someone runs the scheduler, which is not possible to do from a mobile device. Changes you make to activity status may thus not immediately be reflected in the schedule.

The PlanMinder Online will default to show your schedule, but you can select to view any developer schedule. The calendar will also show work schedule events, like holidays and scheduled vacations and other scheduled exception rules.



The attention menu corresponds to the attention view on the home tab in The PlanMinder. It shows things that need your attention that you are responsible for. This includes activities that need a status or estimate update, active external activities, and checkpoints reached that you are set to resolve. You will also see discrete risk that have been reached and needs a status update, and deadlines that have been missed, or are unlikely to be reached on time.

You can click on the symbol to open a dialog with more information and the option to update the status.



Notes is the same Shared ToDo notes field as on The PlanMinder home tab. It is extra important that you use the reload button before editing notes to avoid accidentally overwriting changes made by someone else.


Latest Updates

Latest updates shows the latest activity reports for activities you are responsible for, either as a developer or as a manager. Older reports are grayed out.

Latest Updates


The Account menu displays user and database details, and gives you the option to log out.


Troubleshooting and technical notes

The login link created by The PlanMinder contains information on how to connect to the database. If you use a local network address with The PlanMinder your Online link will not work, as the Online service is connecting to the database from outside your local network. You can either connect with The PlanMinder the same way as the Online server should, or manually edit the created link.

When connecting to a database the Online service checks the registration information that the enable checkbox has been checked, and that the database is sufficiently licensed. If either check fails service will be denied.

For security reasons the Online service requires SSL to be enabled for the database (ssl=on in postgresql.conf). If not you will get an error message like “Status: Failed (The server does not support SSL connections)”. Self signed SSL certificates are only accepted by the service if the database address is an IP-number. The DigitalOcean 1-Click app is set up with a self signed certificate.

Users will be logged out after a long time of inactivity.