The PlanMinder is a self hosted service

It would be presumptuous to start our relationship by asking you to trust us with what could be your most secret business secret...

Setting up The PlanMinder for your organization

Before you start using The PlanMinder you need to think through how you will be using it, and set it up accordingly. This guide assumes that you are logged in...

Setting up a droplet server on DigitalOcean

Get a server up and running in 10 minutes using DigitalOceans 1-click application. Follow this step-by-step guide ...

How to Prepare Your PostgreSQL Database server

These instructions assumes that you have a PostgreSQL server to use for The PlanMinder. If not, go to to find software and instructions...

Help Pages


This is where you find help for The PlanMinder. There are sections for all the different parts of the program.

Help - Login

Help for the Login methods of The PlanMinder. The actual program and the demo version.


Is The PlanMinder the Tool for You?

You might have noticed that there are quite a few project planning and project managing tools to choose from. Different tools matches different needs...

The Art of Estimating Time

Estimating time for a task in a project, and for a whole project, is not easy. Projects regularly tends to take more time than expected. In this article I will point out some things...

Features for Project Planning

Create projects with the types of elements you need. Here you add all the activities, milestones, deadlines, chekpoints, prio points, risks...

Planning Embedded Systems Development Projects

The PlanMinder has it roots in the embedded world, where multi disciplinary teams requires coordination, wrestle with uncertainties and has to adopt to change.

Core Concepts

Continuous Project Planning is a set of core concepts to handle some of the inherent difficulties associated with planning and managing projects...

Press Releases

Continuous project planning through automation: A new approach to project planning

The PlanMinder is a new way to handle project plans. It uses automatic scheduling to keep the plans up to date at all times. And it tracks uncertainties calculating how likely it is that you will meet your deadlines. The goal is to have better plans with less work...

Who we are



Who we are