The PlanMinder

Continuous Project Planning Through Automation

The PlanMinder

Continuous Project Planning Through Automation


Continuous Project Planning Through Automation

Less Work, Better plans

How it Works

The PlanMinder is a project planning tool. It uses automatic scheduling to make it easy for you to keep your plans up to date, and to quickly change them. It calculates probabilities to let you know how risks and uncertainties propagates through the projects. This lets you make informed decisions to avoid risks before they become problems. Less work, more information.

Continuous project planning through automation

In The PlanMinder you describe projects as activities and milestones. Activities can be dependent of each other if they need to be done in a certain order, and they are connected to a milestone. Each activity has an estimated size, and is assigned to a team member.

The PlanMinders automatic scheduler calculates when each activity will be done, based on the priorities given to the milestones.

By automating the scheduler it becomes easy to change plans, and to see the effect it has. All team members report the work they do in The PlanMinder, and updates estimates on how much work is left as they gain more knowledge. That way you can have plans that are always up to date.

Handle risks and uncertainties

You never know for sure in advance how long it will take to complete an activity. The PlanMinder asks you about this uncertainty, and takes it into account when running the scheduler. Risks and uncertainties propagates through and between projects, and The PlanMinder can tell you how likely it is that you will reach a milestone on a certain date.

If you have a deadline, The PlanMinder calculates the probability of it being reached on time. This number is updated every time the scheduler is run. You can keep track of how it develops as the project progresses. If it starts to look bad, you can test what changes to the plan best increases the chances of success.

This gives you an early warning system, and gives you more time to act, and to avoid last minute crunch time and missed deadlines.

Do not miss out on opportunities

The visualization tools in The PlanMinder lets you discover bottlenecks and instances of poor resource utilization. The automatic scheduling makes it easy to change plans and see the effect. That lets you tweak the plans for optimal results, not only for a single project, but for the organization as a whole.

We live in a world of rapid change. Plans are not supposed to be static. They change as our knowledge increase, and as the world around us change. With the The PlanMinder you can make decisions about changes, big or small, based on sound knowledge about what effect they have on all your plans.

Use your history to learn and improve

As team members record work progress in The PlanMinder a treasure trove of information is created. When estimating time in the future, you will be able to compare with similar activities from the past. Not only in terms of how much time it actually took, but also what things caused problems, or were missed in the initial assessment.

Human memory is malleable. The records lets you figure out what actually happened, and to learn from mistakes and successes.

History - Continuous Project Planning Automation
Secure database Continuous project planning

Keep your secrets safe

Your project plans can contain your most valuable business secrets. The PlanMinder is offered as a self hosted service. You set up a database to store the information yourself, or with a cloud service you trust. The PlanMinder lets you have full control of your data.

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