Getting Started

Getting Started

Download and check out the demo version

Learn more from videos and guides

Set up and try it for free for 60 days with your team

Check out the demo

Windows, 64 bit installer


Download and run the installer (windows only).

This full version of The PlanMinder includes a demo version with example projects, where you can test and experiment with The PlanMinder.

Help Login The PlanMinder

When The PlanMinder starts (after installing) a login dialog is displayed. At the bottom of the dialog there is a Start Demo button.

It will log you in as Demo User on a local database with some example projects, designed to illustrate different aspects of The PlanMinder. You can create new projects, play around with the existing ones, look at project reports and history, report work, change priorities and estimations, and test most aspects of the The PlanMinder. By necessity there are a few things you will not be able to do in the demo version, like change advanced settings and create new users.

The next time you launch the demo you can continue from where you left of, or reset the database to its pristine state.

Learn More

On our resources page you will find more videos, guides, articles and help pages. Clicking on (?) in The PlanMinder will open the help pages on the relevant chapter in a web browser.

A nice way to learn about The PlanMinder is the introduction video series.

Installation Notes

When you start the installer, Windows may pop up a message like Windows protected your PC.”. This is the Windows SmartScreen system warning you that not enough people has downloaded and installed this program before you to make the automated system trust the software.

If you click “More info” you get more information about the app and the publisher. If it has been signed by Auspicia AB you can be sure that the installation program comes from us, and has not been modified by anybody else. You can then safely click “Run Anyway”.

A user account control dialog box will pop up asking you if you want to allow the installer to make changes to your device. Again you can verify that it has been signed by Auspicia AB, and click Yes to allow the installer to continue.

Running the full version

To use The PlanMinder with your team you need to set up a database to store your project information. The PlanMinder is a self hosted service, so that you can be sure your business secrets are safe.

The simplest option may be to use a DigitalOcean 1-Click virtual server. You can find a guide on how to set that up here.

Or you can use a postgres database on a local server. Here is a more general guide on how to prepare a PostgreSQL database for The PlanMinder.

Then you can register your database and get your 60 days free trial license from inside The PlanMinder.

When you have your database ready you can configure it to fit your needs, and start onboarding your team.


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