The PlanMinder is a Self Hosted Service

It would be presumptuous to start our relationship by asking you to trust us with what could be your most sensitive business secrets, your plans for the future. That is why The PlanMinder is implemented as a self hosted service.

The PlanMinder is licensed software that we provide, but it needs a database to store information shared between users. We have chosen to use PostgreSQL, an open source, free and widely spread database for The PlanMinder. That is the service you need to host yourself.

You can use local Linux or Windows based server, or a virtual cloud based server.

Self hosted

Quick and Easy with DigitalOcean

If self hosting sounds complicated, don't be alarmed. There is a quick and easy way.

Using our 1-Click app on the DigitalOcean marketplace you can have your database ready in minutes. We have a detailed step by step guide here, guiding you through the process.

DigitalOcean is a cloud service provider, and they will charge $5 / month for your virtual server. If you sign up using our referral code, you will be able to try it out for two month before starting to pay.

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One year free with AWS

Another easy way is to use a managed database, Amazon RDS, on the worlds biggest cloud service provider AWS.

Follow this step by step guide to set up a PostgreSQL database on AWS.

If you are new to AWS, you can use the Free Tier for one year.

Powered by AWS Cloud Computing

Setting up PostgreSQL yourself

You can download PostgreSQL from and find instructions on how to set it up on your particular system, be it your own Windows or Linux server, or on a cloud service of your choice.

The PlanMinder has been tested with versions 10, 11 and 12 of PostgreSQL, and should work with newer versions. Read these notes on how to prepare a database for The PlanMinder.

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Own your data

By having the data on a server you control you can ensure that you can follow your own guidelines regarding security, backups, and handling of personal information.

In The PlanMinder Settings / Manage Data tab you will find tools that helps you manage data according to your own privacy policies. There are tools to delete or anonymize data, based on age, project or for a particular user. You can export data regarding a specific user, as may be required by some privacy legislation, like GDPR in the EU.

You are in control, and The PlanMinder will help you.