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The PlanMinder



Windows, 64 bit installer

Installing The PlanMinder

Download The PlanMinder by clicking the download button. Then run it.

Windows may pop up a message like “Windows protected your PC.”. This is the Windows SmartScreen system warning you that not enough people has downloaded and installed this program before you to make the automated system trust the software.

If you click “More info” you get more information about the app and the publisher. If it has been signed by Auspicia AB you can be sure that the installation program comes from us, and has not been modified by anybody else. You can then safely click “Run Anyway”.

A user account control dialog box will pop up asking you if you want to allow the installer to make changes to your device. Again you can verify that it has been signed by Auspicia AB, and click Yes to allow the installer to continue.

After Installing

After installing the next step is to connect a database. If someone has already set up a database for your team you enter the connection information. If you were sent a connection string, you can copy it and use the paste button in the form.

Otherwise, as The PlanMinder is a self hosted service, you need to set up a PostgreSQL database. The simplest option may be to use a DigitalOcean 1-Click virtual server. You can find a guide on how to set that up here.

There is also a more general guide on how to prepare a PostgreSQL database for The PlanMinder.

Free Demo Version

The installation includes a demo version with example projects, where you can test and experiment with The PlanMinder yourself.

You start the demo version by clicking “Start Demo” on the login screen. It will log you in as Demo User on a local database with some example projects, designed to illustrate different aspects of The PlanMinder. You can create new projects, play around with the existing ones, look at project reports and history, report work, change priorities and estimations, and test most aspects of the The PlanMinder. By necessity there are a few things you will not be able to do in the demo version, like change advanced settings and create new users.

The next time you launch the demo you can continue from where you left of, or reset the database to its pristine state.

Help Login The PlanMinder

Version Information

ThePlanMinder V1R14B106

Windows 10, 64 bit installer. PlanMinderW64 version

The download includes ThePlanMinder and ThePlanMinderDemo.

You can run the ThePlanMinderDemo immediately, no registration required.

ThePlanMinder requires you to connect to a database, as described in self hosted service. Licensing is described in Fair pricing model

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