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For The PlanMinder we only have one price plan that gives you access to all the features. Clear and simple.


License Keys costs €8.5 per month and user. Read the Fair Pricing Model below for details on what kind of users and functions need a license key.

For you to have a fair chance to test and learn to appreciate The PlanMinder we will give you a 60 days trial license for 12 users when you register a database. This is counted from when you register the database, or from when you first used it.

The PlanMinder is a self hosted service. Learn how to setup a server for your team.

Fair Pricing Model

We want pricing to be fair, and for a project planning service we think that a fair price is based on the project team size. With The PlanMinder you do not need to pay a license fee to install the software. It is not until you run the scheduler that The PlanMinder checks for licenses. The scheduler is the part of The PlanMinder that calculates who does what when, and calculates probabilities etc.

A user that is assigned tasks, is scheduled, and reports time is in The PlanMinder called a developer. When running the scheduler you need a license for each developer on the server.

A license key is tied to the database, but not tied to a specific developer or user. Developers may come and go and your team size may vary. You only pay for the number of developers currently on your team. We think that is fair.

For people that use The PlanMinder to read project reports, look at the planning or follow up costs you pay nothing extra. Only the number of developers count. If you decide to no longer use The PlanMinder as a planning tool, you can still use it to look at your old plans and reports. Without license costs. It is your data, so that seems fair.

How to Get License Keys

When you register a database you will automatically get a trial license key for 12 developers. The registered contact person will get an e-mail with a license key file. The license key will also be stored on our server.

On the Settings / License Keys tab you can see current licensing status, and any active or expired licence keys stored in your database. Click the “Download Keys” button to download new keys from The PlanMinders server. If the server for some reason is not available you can instead use “Load Key from File” to load keys from the file sent to you by e-mail.

To get new License Keys, click “Buy License Key”. This will open a web page in your standard browser where you can buy License Keys.

The web page can only be opened from inside The PlanMinder to make sure that correct information to issue a license key is supplied to the server.

Auspicia AB do not guarantee that your licenses will remain available on the The PlanMinder license server. Keep the file e-mailed to you as a backup, and make backups of your database.

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Who we are