Help - Login

When you start The PlanMinder, you will see a login screen.

On this screen you specify which database you will connect to. The database is where all shared information for the team is stored.

If you have logged in before, The PlanMinder will remember your last log in (if you checked the Remember Me checkbox), and you only need to enter your password. You can also check “Remember password” if you want Windows to remember the password for the next time you log in.

If you do not have a database to connect to you can always start the demo version using the button at the bottom of the screen.

If you want to setup a new database you can find guides on how to do that on the page The PlanMinder is a self hosted service.

If you have used more than one database or username, you can find other stored login information in the drop down.


To connect to a database you have to enter Server Address, Port, Database Name and Username. Your system administrator may send you a string like this:


or a link that will automatically open The PlanMinder with correct settings. If you got a string, you can mark and copy it (with CTRL-c) and then click on the paste button in the login window.

You need to enter your password. (The password is not part of the string or link.) Then click Login.

If you enter wrong information, or the database server is not accessible, there will be an error message, and an indication of where there most likely is something wrong.

You can create a login string by clicking the copy button in a login window with the settings you want, or on the users tab in The PlanMinder. The string works as a link on windows computers with The PlanMinder installed.

User and Service login

The login frame has tabs marked User Login and Service Login. Normally the User Login tab should be selected. This is for all users defined in The PlanMinder. Some operations requires a database user, for which the Service Login tab must be selected.


When you log in the compatibility between your version of The PlanMinder and the format of the database is checked. If they are not compatible, you may be encouraged to download a compatible version. As a Service Login user you can be given the option to upgrade the database format, as may be required as newer versions of The PlanMinder are released.

Demo Mode

If you click ”Start Demo” the demo version will be launched, with a similar startup screen.

Here you can click ”Start Demo”, or if you have used the demo before, ”Restore and Start”. ”Start Demo” will start the demo with all changes you have previously made preserved. ”Restore and Start” will discard all changes and start with the demo examples as the were initially designed. Your changes will be lost forever.

The Demo uses a local single user database, and requires no additional setup. You will be logged in as Demo User, a developer with manager rights. In most aspects the Demo works just as the real version. For technical reasons there are some differences. You can change priorities on the priority screen, which normally requires administrative rights. Most things on the settings page are disabled, either because they require administrative rights, or because it is a Demo version.

The Demo database contains a few example projects, designed to showcase The PlanMinder. They are not real projects, not real persons, and deliberately silly.


If you are new to The PlanMinder, you may want to view the introduction video, or some of the other videos and guides on the Resources page.